I’m loving doing a day in our lives every month…it just lets us appreciate the everyday…the normal…the things that will develop into fond memories in years to come.

This weekend, the weather couldn’t make up it’s mind.  Raining one minute, stopped the next!  But we braved the garden regardless and planted our first ever vegetables.  Munch had been desperate to grow something and had been saving up her yogurt pots, so naturally we picked carrots and peppers (and another packet of flowers…the name escapes me).  We didn’t follow the rules, so it will be interesting to see what we end up with!

HLP Jul16 4

By the time we had potted up, the rain had finally stopped and we spent the afternoon in the garden.

HLP Jul16 5

We enjoyed tickling each other with the long grass in the field…I just love the colour of it.  It drives the Hubs to distraction because every time he has gone to cut it, the rain starts…I think it’s quite pretty!

HLP Jul16 3

Then we were on bumble bee spot (makes a difference from snail spot!) and we got 2 for the price of 1…

HLP Jul16 2

When MM joined us is was time for the obligatory milestone cards…just the one this time!

HLP Jul16

To round up our day, we played catch up for our monthly family photo…I love the kids in this one (shame mummy and daddy were laughing at each other).

LWU Jun 16 2

Home Life Photography Project



  1. I love this project too. It’s lovely recording days out & adventures but even better to remember these everyday things x

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