A photo tells a story…a story of our lives.  Growing up, making memories and capturing those special moments, yet rarely those little everyday moments….the ordinary bits of life that mold us.

Thanks to the fabulous Clare over at Maybush Studios, I will be doing exactly that.  Capturing those little unseen smiles, the unheard joy and the moments that build our lives and make it what it is.

So here is a snapshot story of a day in our life this month….

HLfeb16 kitchen

Our days right now are full of upheaval and renovations.  So whilst Daddy spends some quality time with MM, it’s off for a trail around the garden for me and Munch. Playing with textures and crunching leaves…

HLfeb16 Winter


A bit of exploring in the garden…finding things (we have no idea this is, or what it’s for).  Living on the site of an 18th century farm has it’s interesting discoveries and a chance to play with my new camera at the same time.

We assessed the storm damage and discovered the greenhouse is the latest casualty (something else to add to the ‘fix list’)…

HLfeb16 broken glass


It’s still pretty chilly, so we headed back indoors for some lunch and then upstairs for an afternoon of playing and reading whilst MM went for her snooze…

HLfeb16 doll house


With only a microwave to cook with, it was a rather uneventful dinner and some chill time on the make shift sofa before bathing the little ladies and tucking up their little faces in bed…


HLfeb16 star

I can’t wait to share a day in our lives this year and reveal more of the day to day goings ons at LWM.

Home Life Photography Project



  1. Aww such beautiful captures. Sounds like a gorgeous space you have. Look forward to reading more next month! Ps I love the reading shot in bed, always a favourite of mine x #HomeLifeProject

  2. Lovely photos and some really different ones there. Storm Imogen is upon us now, so I hope the greenhouse survives! (linking up with the home life project).

  3. So lovely, beautiful photos, the girls are growign so quickly this will be perfect to look back on xx

  4. Lisa Backsnbumps Reply

    Gorgeous photo’s I really like the idea of a day in our life. We never take photos of the everyday things just seems to be holidays and events.

  5. Gorgeous photos! Love the little legging legs reading, and your littlest lady in the tub! So sweet! Looks like exciting times for you at the moment… And how wonderful to live on an 18th century farm! What an adventure! #homelifeproject

  6. Always fascinating to see what people get up to in the minutiae of their lives. It’s something I miss about the old school blogging, no one seems to want to share the mundane any longer, but I find it really compelling to read.

  7. Such a beautiful way to reflect on the week. I love the nice mix between being indoors and outside x

  8. Is that blue round your oven the finished colour or the protective wrap? I suspect it’s the latter, but I really like it! And wow your poor greenhouse! :-O

  9. Absolutely lovely pictures. I love capturing memories with photos, but always makes me emotional looking back lol. X

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