There are times quite regularly when it’s just us girls.  Whether it’s due to work or, in this case, a stag do…I find myself thrust into survival mode.  I’ve not perfected the part time role quite yet.  My head is a hamster wheel of routines, clock watching for feeds and just all round juggling the needs of 2 little people when there’s just lil ole me.

So this month’s ‘day in our lives’ follows us on a day when it was just the ladies of the family and as much as hiding out at home would’ve been the easy option (and standard fight or flight response from me) we were forced out the house due to Munch’s gymnastics class. Despite lying in bed thinking ‘I must remember the camera’…I forgot it.  In my defense, I was feeling rotten still.

Anyway, the plan was to drop Munch off (at MM’s nap time) and drive around to allow MM to snooze…cue panic, as the teacher informed us that this week there would be a show! So, we could return after 20 minutes to watch.  Either way I was going to have a screaming child on my hands…Hindsight, I chose the wrong one.  I thought it would be best to drive with MM.  Poor Munch was heartbroken (mummy guilt!) I was greeted with a sad little puffy red face, who was bickering with her bestie over a chocolate egg (double whammy!).  Once she was calm, I got thoroughly interrogated (quite rightly) as to why I wasn’t there? Didn’t I hear the teacher say?…I didn’t lie to her, I just told her I couldn’t do both and I’m sorry I wasn’t there.  Even as I write this, my heart still aches over that momentary lapse of judgement.

So naturally, what do us girlies do when we’re upset…turn to cake!  It was MM’s feed time, so we hit the cafe and tucked in to some brownies and MM into some pork and apple.  Then it was time for some healing retail therapy (I’m ruining her for life aren’t I?!) as a new pair of nursery shoes were needed.  Quick trip to the ‘zoo’ (AKA Pets at Home) where little MM was adoring the bunnies…big smiles all round…Winning again!

On the way home for MM’s second nap, we stopped off at the local bakery for a spot of takeout lunch and a go on the swings.

After lunch, the camera joined us!


MM had reached (by month) her 6 month milestone…so out with the cards for a quick catch up.

HLP APR 16 2

HLP APR 16 1

It was a lovely day outside and we are very lucky to have plenty space to get lost in…so an epic wander around the garden was in order.

HLP APR 16 8

We checked on the ducks next door and saw that the sheep have left their mark on the trees.

HLP APR 16 6

HLP APR 16 7

Flower picking continues…I’m always amazed at what bulbs pop up in our garden.  I’m not a fan of daffodils and we have every variety going!  Still Munch manages to find plenty others.

HLP APR 16 4

HLP APR 16 5

HLP APR 16 3

The afternoon passed so quickly.  It was nice to feel the warmth of the sun once more!

The evening saw a juggling of bottle washing, dinner making and baby entertaining…before we all retired to bed.

HLP APR 16 10

HLP APR 16 9

HLP APR 16 11

Never forgetting my motto for the weekend!!

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  1. Ahhh, Don’t be too hard on yourself, there will be lots of other shows! I’m sure Cake and new shoes made her feel tons better. Also Pets at home being the ‘Zoo’ Ha ha ha I totally do that, it such an easy way to occupy them for a while… without having to go to the actual zoo! Lovely photographs.

  2. Well done lovely, I still am not good at flying solo so you have my full support.

    Beautiful photos, your girls are such natural beauties xxx

  3. Mummy guilt is the worst but I am sure my daughter will remember the happy moments and forget the sad moments. Love your photos and how they capture the mood of the moment. #HomeLifeProject

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