Looking to update your kitchen on a budget?  I will show you how to inject a new lease of life into your kitchen and learn to love it again with these 5 top tips to update your kitchen.


There are a range of different worktops out there and it’s not as expensive as you might think to change out your existing worktop for a new one for an instant refreshed look to your existing kitchen.

Update your kitchen worktop on a budget

Even changing your splashback from a full height tile, to a shorter worktop upstand can transform the entire look of your kitchen.


This requires a bit of planning… but look around your kitchen and inside the cupboards.  Where are you struggling to find room and are there any obvious ways you can reorganise the space inside the cupboards or drawers to fit more in and find things more easily?

Update your kitchen storage on a budget

These days there are a whole host of storage solutions for the kitchen, whether built in carousels that make storing canned goods easier or under the until hidden storage for baking trays, there are affordable solutions available to make the most out of your kitchen space.


New appliances will really make you take to the kitchen again.  Maybe you’ve lived with an old heavy oven door for many years and a sleek hideaway oven door would be a dream come true.  Think hard about what you dislike about your current appliances and what features your would like for replacement ones.


Don’t forget the kitchen sink!  There are a huge variety of taps available from instant boiling water taps to pull out taps, that will quite simply revolutionise your kitchen use.  Fit a state of the art pull out tap and never before will you struggle to clean down the kitchen sink.

Update your kitchen sink on a budget


Much like the worktops, changing out the kitchen cupboard doors, or upcycling them can instantly make your kitchen look brand new.  Check out my pinterest board for transformation ideas.

Kitchen upgrades

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Image credits: – B&Q, Tile Mountain & Puustelli Miinus


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