Renovating your house from start to finish can absolutely cost a fortune, especially if you’re going the full whack and stripping down every room and starting from scratch.

If you are thinking of selling your house, and you want to get the most from your money, then here are 5 simple things that you can do to add a chunky figure to your selling price:

1. Touch Up the Walls

If you have been looking at the paint in the living room chipping away for a while now, or you’ve noticed that your new white armchair is dramatically whiter than your white walls (technically, they’re not beige), perhaps invest in some paint/wallpaper and spend some time going over the walls.

Not only will this make the house look fresher, but you will be able to get rid of the old-fashioned wallpaper you now detest. If you’re selling your house, it will also make it look more appealing to the potential buyers.

2. Start with the Kitchen

If you have enough funds to renovate one room in the entire household, the best place would be the kitchen, or, as some may say, the heart of the home.

If you’re renovating to add value to your home, then a modern kitchen would add a great chunk to the selling fee as it is a spot in the house that guests are most likely to see (and judge!) – strictly speaking, your guests could get away without paying a visit to the bedroom of office space.

3. Swap the Radiators for Overfloor Heating

London mews house

While underfloor heating sounds like a huge luxury, and a massive effort in terms of ripping up the floorboards, overfloor heating is the complete opposite in terms of price and the time it takes to install.

It goes just below your flooring choice (carpet, laminate, tile) rather than having to go underneath concrete. This will save you money on your energy bills each month, as well as adding up to 10% more to your property value, wowzers.

You can get a free estimate for adding overfloor heating to your home from the experts at Wunda Trade.

4. Add an Extra Room Without an Extension

Rather than using the garage to store boxes of junk that you haven’t touched in decades, why don’t you change it into an added room to the house. Whether this be a playroom for your children, a gym for the exercise lover or just a spare lounge for when you and your partner disagree on what TV show to watch.

5. Improve the Garden

Pure Commercial Finance shared research that shows that we (37% of Brits) are spending more time in our garden in comparison to 5 years ago. The research states that features such as sheds and decking really add a lot more value to a property, but keeping the grass mowed and the bushes trimmed really does help.


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