As summer approaches you should be encouraging your teen to brush up their CV and get posting it around town in the hope of landing a part time job to keep them occupied over the summer months – and to fund their trips out with friends and shopping purchases. But where should they be applying? Well, here are the best part-time jobs your teen should be looking for:

1. Restaurant jobs

We’re a nation of foodies and this means there is no end of caterer jobs available out there to apply for, from waiting staff to working behind the scenes in the kitchen. City centres being updated and developed are enjoying new eateries, which means more positions available for your teen to apply for – plus, you’ll all get to enjoy the discount on meals and weekends to yourself while they’re working a shift!

2. Retail sales

Working in a retail store is a great way for teens to learn important life skills, as well as earning money. From time management to team playing to assisting customers, they’ll come away with the right attitude about work and also perhaps with new like minded friends.

3. Babysitting

Summer is a tough time for parents looking for childcare options as their children are freed from school for six weeks and so, if your teen has experience looking after children in the neighbourhood, then why not recommend them to your work colleagues or close friends? They’ll gain experience when it comes to responsibility and keeping children entertained for the day as well as earning some money for their time. Plus, it will help your friends and family out as they enjoy cheaper childcare with someone they trust.

4. Office assistant

Summer is a great time for students to find work placements that pay them a small wage, as many offices look for temps to help with workload over the summer months when staff go away on holiday. Suggest that your teen sends a CV round to offices working in industries they are interested in. A temp job at a publishing house, for example, could lead to bigger things in the future if they prove they are ambitious and willing to learn.

5. Web design

Most teens now have some experience with code and designing website, so why not encourage them to offer their services to small businesses in the area? Designing a few WordPress sites and perhaps even stretching out to create leaflets for a local store will put them on the map in their local area. This could see them enjoy regular income from people in the area and teach them how to pitch for work and clients. Tech is the way forward when it comes to jobs but be prepared to pay for a better computer or certain software they might need if they go down this route.

Encourage your teen to seek out some sort of part time employment this summer and watch them grow as a person before the school year starts again.

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