The end is in sight, but it is nearing very slowly!  I guess that’s always the case when you’re excited about something.  I think this may be my last update as my health isn’t doing too great, what with the SPD.

I had the midwife this week and bump is measuring a couple of weeks behind, but they don’t seem concerned by that.  Bearing in mind Munch was over 8lb at 38 weeks, we’re half expecting another big baby.

This week was interesting movement wise.  After being head down for so long, someone decided they’d like a change and I had limbs in places I shouldn’t mention!

Munch is still super excited, but this week she hasn’t started saying that we are just her Mummy and Daddy, not bumps.  I guess that’s all part of the big adjustment and because she is 4, she’ll have a lot of changes to get used to!

I have the hospital again on Wednesday.  They previously gave me a section date of week beginning 12th October, but after my midwife saw how bad I was this week, she referred me back to receive a care plan.  In my heart of hearts, I’d like to be admitted leading up to the section.  I can’t do anything other than lie in bed now, which makes looking after myself during the day a nightmare.  I think I already mentioned Hubs put a mini fridge in our bedroom, so I have access to food.  But even the small trek to that is crippling.  Don’t get me started on trying to get myself into the bath to have a shower.  We have a walk in shower….downstairs!

I’ll keep you posted on social media about how things go.  I can’t believe my next update could well be a birth announcement!



  1. Oh crikey, I really feel for you being bed bound. I’m finding the last few weeks hard, but I am very lucky in comparison. I didn’t realise we also have the same gap between our children, it’s good at least having them at school hey!? Good Luck I can’t wait to hear your news.
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