The kitchen tap is the crowning glory of every sink. It can really make or break the overall look of the kitchen itself. That is why it is important to choose the right tap for both style but also functionality.

To make sure you make the right decision and not experience tap envy, I will list my 3 top considerations when selecting the right kitchen tap.


There are few things to consider here. First up you will need to decide if you want your kitchen tap to be mounted in the sink itself, on the worktop or even on the wall behind. This will largely depend on the sink itself. If you are going for an undermounted sink, then wall or worktop mounting are your options.

You will then want to make a decision about the levers. Do you want single or double and where would you like these ideally placed?


What do you want from your tap? Are you looking for anything in particular, such as pull out tap options? Or are you looking for boiling water? There are so many things to consider these days, such as chilled and even sparkling water options… meaning you could remove the kettle from the worktop altogether and forget about lugging home heavy bottle of water from the supermarket.

Look and Finish

Do you want a polished or matt finish? Chrome will add a touch of sparkle to your kitchen sink, whereas stainless steel is a good choice to balance a concrete or stone worktop.
Buying a good quality kitchen tap with a guarantee means you aren’t making any false economies with your tap and will let you enjoy the look and function in years to come.

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