Meet Hubs

Our final round up of our ‘About us’ blog series.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about us over at Life With Munchers!

This week…Daddy Muncher!

10 Things About ‘Hubs’

1.  He burnt his eyebrows off as a teenager!  Thankfully they grew back!  Something to do with a gas heater and a lack of health and safety.

2.  He used to be a rugby player.  Not one of the big massive guys.  He is built for speed, so he was a winger.

3.  He loves to cook.  He does all the cooking in our house, thankfully!  I can cook but can’t be bothered.

4.  He is the best husband ever.  I’m sure everyone says that.  But he really is.  He will fetch me cups of tea and even empty my sick bucket when I’m not well. He’s a keeper!

5.  DIY buff.  He loves his DIY (no, not of the rude variety!)  If there is a shelf to put up, summerhouse to build, he knows no bounds!  Only thing he won’t touch is gas and electrical.

6.  He’s a great Daddy.  He just adores Munch.  If I had a wobbly day, he was always on hand at 6.15pm to entertain and bath her.  Even now, he gets her dressed every morning.  He is very involved as a dad, which I think is really sweet.

7.  Addicted to You Tube.  He will happily look up videos of snakes eating men and squirrels on a water ski, all night long!

8.  Only Fools Daft.  I can’t stand it, but he just finds Only Fools and Horses the most hilarious thing ever.

9.  Takes car cleaning to a new level.  When it comes to anything outdoors related, he takes it to a new level.  I can’t really complain, but he has been known to spend a good few hours cleaning the car.  Special implements for each bit and all.

10.  Whisky Drinker.  Yes, perhaps it’s the Scottish thing.  He just loves whisky and not the Famous Grouse variety!  Oh no.  All those little unheard of distilleries…he’s heard of them all!

Thanks for reading ‘About the Munchers’.  You can also read about Munch and Sarah, if you haven’t already.



  1. Wow i bet he looked great after burning his eyebrows off!
    Funny as my husband is also the cook in our house too, he loves it! I can cook but like you will happily just sit back and do the eating if someone else wants too 😉
    Katie recently posted…My 12 favourite things about ChristmasMy Profile

  2. He sounds like a smashing guy and I think he and Ash would be the best of friends, many similarities x

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