Meet Munch

I’m going to do a series of posts so you can get to know a bit more about the people behind the screen, called ‘Bite Size Munchers’. Little snippets to fill you in on our loves, hates and peculiar habits.

What best way to start, than with Munch herself!

10 Things About Munch

1.  She is obsessed with sniffing fabric.  Any fabric!  Socks, pants (clean ofcourse!), tights…nothing is safe from the nose.  Often when I pick her up from nursery, I will find her sniffing her hat.

2. She is partial to a strange cuddly toy.  Forget your cute rabbits and teddy bears.  Munch can often be found clutching a toy bat, humpty dumpty PJ case and an octopus.

3. She loves her grub! This child eats more than I do and will try anything!  I often pick her up from nursery to find that she’s had 2 portions of everything!

4. She gives the best cuddles.  Ok so I bet every parent thinks their child gives the best cuddles.  But I am particularly enjoying the cuddly side she is showing at the moment.

5. Little Miss Independent. She is affectionate, but I recently took Munch to her nursery Christmas party.  Whilst the other kids were glued to their parents knees, Munch ditched me within 2 minutes to run through the pile of balloons on the floor.

6. She has a scar on her forehead from getting a cyst removed.  She was born with a lump on her forehead, which thankfully was just a cyst.  I’m amazed at how well it has recovered in the last year alone.

7. She is hilarious!  Again, I bet everyone says the same.  But you can be at your most serious and she’ll come out with a classic line like ‘mummy, you look crazy’.

8. She is a book worm.  As much as she loves to role play for hours on end, Munch also just adores books.  She often drags them out and requests I read them to her.  Over and over.  Her current favourite being Pip & Posy – The Super Scooter and Zog ‘high, said madam dragon, way up in the sky‘ (yes I know all the words now!).

9. She has impeccable manners.  From day 1 we made sure we used please, thank you and pardon.  It meant alot of retraining for us too, but it’s paid dividends.  I just hope she keeps it up!

10. She is starting to get brown hair now.  How everyone comments on her blonde curly locks, but the brown is starting to show.  It’s no surprise, as I have thick dark brown hair.

Stay tuned for 10 things about Mummy Muncher and 10 things about Daddy Muncher, which will be posted over the holidays.

What would your 10 facts be about your littlies?




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