Meet Pamela

As promised, here is the second in the series of ‘about us’ posts, so you can find a bit more about the people behind the screen.

This week….It’s me!  Pamela!

10 Things About Pamela

1. I hate the hair dressers.  Yes, that’s right.  I really dislike getting other people to pull and yank my hair.  I spend my time at the hair dressers wriggling in the chair and reminding them not to massage my head when they wash it (ouch!)

2.  I love a man in a power suit.  Boss, car sales men, even presidents and PMs (ducks the rotten tomato)!  If they have an ounce of authority and wear a suit (or a uniform) I am putty in their hands!

3.  I love the smell of Post It notes.  A strange one, but I’m throwing it out there!

4.  I don’t like mince.  Any reformed meat or mince, makes me want to be sick.  It’s the texture I can’t stand.

5.  I have a major car fetish.  After a decade in the trade, I just get weak at the knees when I see a gorgeous car.  I have a special place for VWs (no, not like that!).

6. I would love to move to Australia or America.  I live in a pretty cold bit of the UK (Scotland to be precise) and sure it’s nice, scenic, but it is ruddy well freezing!  I was made for the heat!!  Should I ever get my calling, we’d be packing up and heading on the next flight out.

7. Bit of a perfectionist.  I need order in my life.  Who knows why, but it’s how I like things.  I get more than a little bit upset if someone moves anything.

8. I prefer cuddles to kisses.  Always have, always will!

9. The smell of dishwashers and fridges make me heave!  I have to hold my breath anytime I get something from the fridge.

10. I can put my right leg behind my head, but not my left.  What are the odds of that?  You can usually catch me doing this as my party trick after a few drinks (watch out at the Bibs!)

What weird and wonderful facts do you have to share about yourself?



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