Meet MM

MM completed our little family in October 2015 and is already full of character.

She may be small, but she has a massive impact on our lives and here are 10 little quirks about her so far:

10 Things About MM

1. She pumps more than anyone I know. She’ll hate me for this, but she does love to pass wind…I’d go as far as to say it’s her favourite past time.

2. She suffers from reflux & colic.  It was so bad and we never thought we were going to get it under control, but we are finally there (tempts fate!)

3. Loves a bath. We bath the girls together, which can be quite late by baby standards, but even if she is a bit ratty, she will stop the second she’s placed in the water.

4. Her big sister is her favourite person.  It’s rather endearing to watch them stare into each others eyes.  I guess they don’t need to say anything….deep down they know.

5. Lover of white noise.  Most little ones are, but she loves the kettle boiling or the bath running.  Her favourite little toy is her Whisbear, as he plays white noise and even kicks in when she cries…clever little dude (can I teach him to do the hoovering?!)

6. Bit of a hand chomper.  She has recently found her hand and even though she spends most of her time in those little suits with the fold over mitts, she like a bit of a sook regardless.

7.  Quite the wriggler.  Munch never wriggled half as much…infact I swear I’ve caught her half rolled over at weeks old.  I dare say the reflux and colic has played a part.  If she was more comfortable, she wouldn’t move as much.

8. The double of Munch.  She was alot smaller at birth, but looking at baby pictures, it’s hard to spot the difference!

9. Little lady.  She was only 5lb 13oz when she was born and 45cm long.  She is following the chart perfectly, but where Munch was always in the next size up clothes…MM is a size below.

10. Outie!  She was born with a hernia of the belly button, which we’ve been told can take a year to go….it is really alarming though…especially when she’s crying and it pokes out quite far.


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