Most of you will know from my history that I struggle with keeping active, due to SPD through pregnancy. But fitness is something that I believe is important, for myself and the family. So when we were invited to take part in the Great Scottish Run family mile, it became something to work towards as a family and get my from coach potato to back to regular activity again.

Great Scottish Run Family mile

The kids are already largely active, through school and nursery. But I work from home and so most days I can do under 200 steps (yep, 2-0-0). It’s a hard balance between getting enough of the right exercise… One that doesn’t aggravate my back, but one that builds muscle in the right areas to support my recovery. It’s sounds silly to say, but most people are training for marathons and 10K’s and here was me training for a mile. But everyone is different and everyone has their own struggles and abilities. I very much doubt I will ever run any great distance, but to take part in a mile run with the family really spurred me on to at least make it round.

Great Scottish Run Family mile

Thankfully I went with Maisie, who’s running pace matched my walking pace, because after running the first 100M, I could hardly breathe. I don’t know how people break that barrier… Or how people can stand the sensation of their organs shaking about in their body. Maybe that just shows the muscle condition (or lack of) that I have.

Scott and Liv ran off into the distance and really took the competitive side of the event to heart, but for me I wanted to prove something to myself and my kids that inner strength, determination and grit can get you through.

Great Scottish Run Family mile

The whole experience on the day was great and it was good to see there being races for all levels. I personally feel intimidated by the main races, but the family race was taken part by all ages, abilities… even babies in pushchairs. The competitive side was parked to one side and it became more about being active together, which is something that I am onboard with. There a lot to be said for ‘having a go’ and enjoying it anyway.

Huge thanks to The Great Scottish Run family for having us there on the day and showing me another side to keeping active that we can all enjoy.

You can register for the 2020 run here.

Disclosure: This was a collaboration with The Great Scottish Run, but all fun, sweat, stitches and achy muscles are 100% genuine.

We’re getting packed up this week to go on holiday and we can’t wait to escape this dreich weather we’ve been having. Road Safety Scotland got in touch to ask if we’d be interested in receiving a copy of “Ziggy’s Sunny Holiday” to remind us that we also need to take everything we know about road safety with us.

Ziggy on holiday

If you’re not familiar with Ziggy, he is the main character in the “Go Safe With Ziggy” stories, which help children learn about road safety. We’ve had a few of his books before from nursery illustrating how to cross the road, wait at lights and be seen.

Ziggy on holiday

Ziggy’s Sunny Holiday follows Ziggy, Andrew, Maggie, Mum and Sausage on a family holiday to a caravan park. It covers everything from getting in and out the car safely, such as not playing with seat belts and waiting for an adult to open the door… Right through to how to act in car parks where you could be sharing the road space with cars driving whilst you walk to a footpath.

Ziggy on holiday

The book also covers a few fun activities to involve younger children and help them understand the importance of road safety and why they need to be careful and take extra special care on and around places where cars drive.
As part of the Road Safety Scotland initiative, Ziggy and his team of helpers will be visiting the Westfield Family Nurture Centre, in Cupar and doing fun interactive demonstrations to teach children about staying safe.

If you would like to find out more about Ziggy, there are plenty of free and helpful learning resources on the Road Safety Scotland website, including fun videos and flip books.

We’ll certainly be remembering all our handy road safety tips when we go on holiday, thanks to Ziggy.

Disclosure: This is a collaboration with Road Safety Scotland

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